8 months ago i was craving adventure. i felt super unsettled and was ready for something new. after some indecision, reflecting on life, and some great conversation with close friends and family, i finally decided that i was gonna move to Chicago. even if i only stayed in the city for 6 months, i needed to see what it was like to live somewhere other than michigan.

i experienced all different kinds of emotion with my possible move but i was mostly overwhelmed with love and support. i am very close with my parents so i knew moving away wasn’t going to be easy but i felt like i needed to try. i set up my transfer with work, found a place to live and was ready to go.

since moving to chicago, my mom says i amaze her everyday with how much i’ve grown. one of my biggest fears with moving was that my friends or my nephew would forget about me. thankfully that couldn’t be further from the truth. i talk to my friends just as much, if not more, i facetime with my nephew at least once a week (for as long as his attention span allows), i still talk to my mom 100 times a day and seem to be experiencing the best of both worlds. time is precious so when i am home, i don’t take a single second for granted.

as scared as i was to pack up my life and move away, i’ll never ever regret giving the city life a shot. it may not be forever but it will forever be an adventure that i’m glad i went on.

stay tuned for shenanigans, stories, and everything in between.

C’est la douce vie de niki!

Au Revoir



Author: Nicole

Benvenuto al mio dolce vita! My name is Nicole! I'm originally from small town America in southwest Michigan but now i'm a windy city transplant exploring the big ole city of Chicago! I'm a fitness junkie, crossfit lover, marathoner always searching for my next finish line. I love spending time with friends, family, traveling and spending time on the lake.

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