Favorite Five on Friday

After a crazy start to 2018, I decided to start blogging again. I probably wont blog about anything in particular but I figured it might be fun. I had a blog several years ago but life got in the way and I stopped.

I thought it would be fun to start with my first ‘Favorite Five on Friday’ since Friday is my second favorite F word. 🙂

pdp top

Living proof dry volume blast

This spray is EVERYTHING. My hair is SUPER fine, paper thin and is very stringy. This spray gives my hair life and Ive never had more volume! Its incredible. I don’t usually go through hair product this quickly either! I’ve also received tons of compliments about how good my hair looks too! If you’re looking for some awesome texturing spray, i give this a 10!

Image result for ulta eye pads skyn icelandSkyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

My good friend bought me these amazing eye gels for Christmas. I know I’m not the only one that struggles with getting enough sleep or having too many cocktails on a week night. These under eye gels are absolutely amazing and I cant say enough good things about how much of a difference I noticed after having them on.

Image result for lumi glotion

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer

This stuff is the BEES KNEES. I met a really nice girl at Dry bar a few months back who happened to work for L’Oreal. She raved about this product before it came out. It hit the shelves about a month ago and i swear I’ve worn it everyday since. I don’t wear a ton of make up but its perfect to put on instead of foundation and gives the best glow.

product photo

Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans

There is an Old Navy by my office at work so I’ll stop in once a week to see what they’ve got. I came across these jeans and I’m OBSESSED. I loved them so much that I convinced my best friend that she needed a pair as well! Of course shes in love.. That’s why we’re best friends! These jeans perfect for spring days with a cute top and flats. I cant wait for warmer days! They’re on the horizon!

Women’s Kona Backless Mule Loafers

Never have I EVER even considered owning a pair of shoes like these. I had a gift card at Target and decided I’d give them a shot. Make fun of me if you want but I’m obsessed. I didn’t even KNOW shoes like this had an actual name (Mules) but I’m in the know now. They look adorbs with a front tuck tunic and my crop boyfriend jeans. I’m going to be SO TRENDY this spring… HAHAHA!

Shout outs to my friend MJ for all the fashion tips! Our daily marco’s regarding all things fashion, life, love and everything in between have made the last month much more enjoyable. You’re a GEM!

I hope everyone has a wonderful FriYAY!

C’est la douce vie de niki!

Au Revoir


Author: Nicole

Benvenuto al mio dolce vita! My name is Nicole! I'm originally from small town America in southwest Michigan but now i'm a windy city transplant exploring the big ole city of Chicago! I'm a fitness junkie, crossfit lover, marathoner always searching for my next finish line. I love spending time with friends, family, traveling and spending time on the lake.

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